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Kinship Care Gets a Boost

With the capable Lead Organizer, Amani Desamours, and her Student Leadership Team handling Thursday’s virtual Student Advocacy Day, I had the privilege of attending the pivotal Children’s Bureau’s National Convening on Kinship Care. This gathering,

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Punished for Dreaming

I am late sharing my thoughts on Black History Month this year because I have been concentrating on our upcoming Social Work Day on the Hill and Student Advocacy Days. Each year, I look for

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Dr. Lewis Charles
Dr. Charles E. Lewis, Jr
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Unleashing the Power of Social Work on the Hill

Social workers have a strong cause they’re interested in resolving which makes them ideal to tackle the battle on the Hill. Together with the people in the local community, we can be a part of change that’s needed in the political sphere. They’re more likely to be concerned about the same problems as the community. You decide what views will make the most difference in your community and work on changes in the caucus that will deliver the best results. We compassionately lend a listening ear to our friends and neighbors in Washington, DC. Our social worker initiative is an advocate for real issues and causes that are impacting your local area.