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Farewell Dr. Douglas Graham Glasgow

It is always sad to bid farewell to great humanitarians who end their Earthly journey. It is also a time to celebrate the life and legacy of Douglas Graham Glasgow, a kind, gentle, and wise

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Rest in Peace Mit Joyner

Mit Joyner’s voice will continue to be heard. She was a passionate advocate for social justice and a superlative steward of the social work profession, holding many national and international leadership positions along with her

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Democrats Have Only Themselves to Blame

As President Biden and Democratic leaders express their discontent and abhorrence about the Supreme Court’s decision to ban race-based consideration for college admissions, it would be disingenuous for them to suggest they did not see

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Dr. Lewis Charles
Dr. Charles E. Lewis, Jr
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Unleashing the Power of Social Work on the Hill

Social workers have a strong cause they’re interested in resolving which makes them ideal to tackle the battle on the Hill. Together with the people in the local community, we can be a part of change that’s needed in the political sphere. They’re more likely to be concerned about the same problems as the community. You decide what views will make the most difference in your community and work on changes in the caucus that will deliver the best results. We compassionately lend a listening ear to our friends and neighbors in Washington, DC. Our social worker initiative is an advocate for real issues and causes that are impacting your local area.