Student Ambassadors Program

Mission: The Student Ambassadors Program prepares the next generation of young social workers to take part in community service and education about political arenas. The Student Ambassador Programs firmly strives to increase the number of young millennials in elected or appointed offices across all levels of government by 2040. This 8-month policy and leadership development program provides students with opportunities to learn more about federal legislative and policy processes, the inner working of Congress, and public policy.

Each year, the Student Ambassador Program will prepare a diverse group of 40 students from various baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral programs across the country to become ethical leaders, policy analysts, political social workers, community advocates, administrators, or lobbyists by exposing them to members of the Congressional Social Work Caucus, the CRISP, and esteemed social work leaders.

Values: The Student Ambassadors program is intended to recognize and celebrate excellence among students across the social work education continuum. The foundation of this program is centered on leadership, scholarship, professionals, responsibility for societal change, and the desire to advocate on behalf of the social work profession.