The Congressional Research Institute for Social Work and Policy was created in 2012 as an independent, nonpartisan 501(c)4 organization that recognized the importance of the Congressional Social Work Caucus and sought to complement its mission and work in accordance to the rules of the United States House of Representatives. Former Congressman Edolphus “Ed” Towns, who founded the Congressional Social Work Caucus during the 110th Congress in 2010, assisted in the creation of CRISP and holds the position as its Chair of its Advisory Board.

CRISP Mission:

CRISP is committed to expanding the participation of social workers in federal legislative and policy processes. CRISP will act as a bridge between social work researchers and the federal government to ensure their research is known to federal policy makers. CRISP will work to expand opportunities for students to find field placements in federal government offices both on the Hill and in offices near their schools. CRISP will employ strategies to raise social workers’ awareness about the federal legislative process through seminars, conferences and webinars.

CRISP Vision:

CRISP envisions an increased awareness among federal policymakers and the public of the benefits of social work in our communities, schools and work places to help our nation’s most vulnerable populations achieve self-sufficiency.