Social workers cannot afford to stand by and allow others to make policies that we are expected to implement. Social workers, those who have studied and implemented the policies, have seen the effects of the programs and the defects in the programs, and know the unfilled needs of the people, and thus, ought to be able to initiate legislative efforts to form new programs or revamp old ones”

Former Congressman  Edolphus “Ed” Towns, D-NY, Founder of the Congressional Social Work Caucus

Why YSocialWork?

The Congressional Research Institute for Social Work and Policy has brought together a forward-thinking group of socially conscious students and young professionals from social work schools across the United States, who are deeply committed to improving our nation’s most pressing societal health needs.

Each member will have the opportunity to meet and make lasting connections with like-minded social workers from almost every area — micro and macro students, early career clinicians, researchers, community activists, policy practitioners and political social workers.  We are experiencing a new wave of political and global empowerment, and we all need to be at the forefront of change as innovative problem solvers.

Each member will also have the opportunity to apply for the Student Ambassadors Program, an 8-month policy and leadership development program that provides active members with the opportunity to learn more about the federal legislative and policy processes, the inner workings of Congress, and public policy.  Student ambassadors will hear and be heard from prominent leaders in social work.  This year’s guests include Charles E. Lewis, PhD, president of the Congressional Research Institute for Social Work and Policy; Linda Donaldson, PhD, associate professor at The Catholic University of America; former Congressman Edolphus Towns, founder of the Congressional Social Work Caucus; and Kristie Holmes, PhD, UN Women USNC National Board and Senior Advisor Development & Research, Zero Mothers Die.

Aside from the benefits of lasting connections and eligibility into the Student Ambassadors Program, each member will also have the opportunity to participate in the first-ever social entrepreneurship competition on Capitol Hill, a policy bootcamp, our annual community service campaign, social media challenges, and many other activities that foster creativity and innovation among social workers for generations to come.

If you are a leader aged 18 – 40 with a passion for political or global issues and a track record of making a significant impact in your community, country or organization then you could be part of this year’s Student Advisory Council under the Congressional Research Institute for Social Work and Policy.